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Dream Star Auto

DreamStar Auto is designed to maximize comfort and patient compliance with the therapy. The complete respiratory events detection makes the DreamSta Auto respond to obstructive events, such as inspiratory flow limitation and snoring. The differentiation between obstructive and central events allows the DreamStar Auto to always deliver the optimum pressure, without risking the effectiveness of the applied pressure. The pressure does not rise in the event of apneas or hypopneas known as central. All data are stored in the device memory and available for downloading, either with USB cable or data card, and can be processed and stored in DreamStar Analyze software.

 Physical Characteristics  
 size (W x D x H) in cm 20 x 23 x 12
 weight w power supply 1.4 kgr
 weight w power supply &  humidifier 1.5 kgr
 sound level 26 dB
 Power Characteristics  
 power supply 100-240 AC
 power supply on battery 13 DC
 auto altitude adjustment
 auto leak compensation
 pressure range 4-20 cm H2O
 ramp 0-45 min
 comfort calibration Plus NEW
 auto calibration
 obstructive vs. central split
 resp. events vs. pressure NEW
 patient flow NEW
 usage data NEW 1 year
 detailed data - graphs 1 year
 Data collection  
 data card
 micro USB cable
 15mm NEW
 humid control  
 humid control Plus
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