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Dream Star Intro

 DreamStar Intro

DreamStar Intro is a basic fix CPAP for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) patients. Equipped with an internal memory which can store usage data up to 1 year and Humid control algorithm for the rainout reduction, DreamStar Intro is the best choice for those looking for performance at a standard configuration.

 Physical Characteristics  
 size (W x D x H) in cm 20 x 23 x 12
 weight w power supply 1.4 kgr
 weight w power supply &  humidifier 1.5 kgr
 sound level 26 dB
 Power Characteristics  
 power supply 100-240 AC
 power supply on battery 13 DC
 auto altitude adjustment
 auto leak compensation
 pressure range 4-20 cm H2O
 ramp 0-45 min
 comfort calibration Plus NEW  
 auto calibration  
 obstructive vs. central split  
 resp. events vs. pressure NEW  
 patient flow NEW  
 usage data NEW 1 year
 detailed data - graphs  
 Data collection  
 data card
 micro USB cable  
 15mm NEW  
 humid control
 humid control Plus  
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