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Embla Embletta GOLD Portable Sleep System

World standard home sleep testing device
An evolution of the best home sleep testing device in the world!

The Embla Embletta Gold is the latest addition to Embla’s Portable Diagnostic family and offers enhanced flexibility and ease of use in one compact and streamlined device. Designed for durability, the Embletta Gold will withstand the demands of both the clinical and home testing environment, while maintaining its impeccable record for the high quality and high performance that sleep professionals worldwide have come to rely on.

Superior by Design

Patient and User Friendly
  • Easy application with color coded sensors
  • Lightweight for a comfortable fit
  • Easy to follow hookup card and patient hookup DVD included
  • Pre-program multiple studies
Clinically Elite
  • Fully compliant with AASM and CMS home sleep testing guidelines
  • XactTrace effort belts feature RIP technology for superior effort accuracy and scoring
  • Pressure Transducer for optimal evaluation of flow detection and flow limitation
  • Advanced 3D Body Position and Actigraphy
  • Automated Plethysmogram analysis to support Autonomic Arousal Scoring
  • Remlogic-E Software: Flexible, Reliable, Auto/ Manual Scoring, Customized Reports
  • DC expansion input to interface to DC Devices such as EtCO2 monitor
  • Use for online, ambulatory, and titration studies
  • Data Management Modules
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Networking Capabilities

Each Embla Embletta Gold System includes:

  • Embla Embletta Gold Recorder
  • XPOD Oximeter with finger probe
  • XactTrace Respiratory Effort Belts featuring AASM recommended RIP Technology (Single use or Reusable)
  • Patient Hookup DVD and Instructions
  • Battery Recharger
  • USB download cable
  • RemLogic-E Software
  • User Documentation
  • System Carry Case
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