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S4500 - Easy to use sleep diagnostic amplifier

The Embla S4500 PSG amplifier has been specifically designed to meet AASM accreditation requirements and features a simplified design that includes a color-coded input panel with patient layout. This streamlined dual component system minimizes cabling and increases study reliability.

Reliable and Durable

  • Instantaneous digitization for highest quality signals
  • Designed to reject signal interference
  • Records up to 32 channels
  • Software provides additional derived tracings
  • Streamlined dual component design
  • Minimized cabling increases patient comfort
  • Integrated steel luer lock pressure transducer

Intuitive Design

  • Color-coded input panel featuring patient layout
  • Supports and accelerates the training process
  • Built-in impedance button with indicator lights
  • One step disconnect simplifies unhooking the patient for the technician
  • 2-pin sensor inputs reduce hookup time and ensure polarity

Embla’s Powerful and Flexible AASM Compliant PSG Software Features:

  • Industry-leading Rembrandt and RemLogic applications
  • Time-saving scoring and editing features
  • Simplified design to accommodate common tasks and natural workflow
  • Ability to re-reference channels during and after acquisition
  • Selectable sampling rates
  • Additional derived signals like flow, lung volume and RMI from XactTrace belts featuring built-in AASM recommended RIP technology

The Embla Sensor Advantage

  • Complete line of sensors and supplies
  • Inductive XactTrace unmatched effort trace accuracy
  • XFlow complementary flow signal for studies without airflow sensors or as a reliable backup
  • Superior nasal pressure, flow and snore signals
  • Optimized sensor cable lengths

The S4500 is also compatible with the new MDrive™ Wireless Communication Unit.

Embla S4500 Specifications

  • 6 x EEG
  • 2 x EOG
  • 3 x EMG
  • 1 x EKG
  • 2 x General Purpose
  • 1 x Thermistor
  • 1 x Snore
  • 1 x Body Position
  • 2 x Respiratory Effort
  • 1 x Pressure Transducer
  • 1 x Oximeter
    • SpO2 Average
    • SpO2 Beat-to-Beat
    • Pulse Rate
    • Pulse Waveform
  • 8 x Isolated DC Channels
Derived Channels
  • Flow (Nasal Cannula)
  • Snore (Nasal Cannula)
  • Flow Limitation / Flattening (Nasal Cannula)
  • Heart Rate (EKG)
  • Heart Rate Variability (EKG)
  • R-R Intervals (EKG)
  • XFlow (XactTrace Belts)
  • XSum (XactTrace Belts)
  • Tidal Volume (XactTrace Belts)
  • Phase (XactTrace Belts)
  • Respiratory Rate (XactTrace Belts)
  • RMI (XactTrace Belts)
Sampling Rates
  • Referential channels:
    Adjustable from 50 to 200Hz
  • Bipolar channels:
    Adjustable from 2 to 200H


Communication Unit Specifications

  • Standard RJ45 Ethernet connection with Category 5 cable
  • Supports adult and pediatric studies
  • 8 isolated auxiliary DC channels for external devices such as ETCO2, pH, etc.
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