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OxyPad Pro description


- OxyPad Fingertip Pulse

- Oximeter is an easy to use device which has been designed to use low power. Its compact size makes it very convenient to carry. The patient only needs to place their - fingertip in the photoelectric sensor. Both pulse and oxygen saturation rate of the patent will immediately be displayed on the screen

- Device features

- Works with wide range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult patients

- Easy to use, handy, immediate display

- Displays SpO2 and Pulse Rate

- Bargraph dispaying blood circulation

- Wave data to check the heart rate (Pro model) (heart rate: 1BPM)

- Low power consumption (<30mA)

- Power capacity: 30 hours of continuous use

- Auto 4 second power off

- Low battery indicator

- Professional quality device, easy to slip your fingertip into rubber chamber

- Accurate assessment of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate even in low perfusion (from a 0,4% pulse rate).Weight : 50g

- Dimension: 57 x 31 x 32 mm

- Warranty : 1 year

- Available with 1 canvas case, 1 wrist strap and 2 batteries

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